Sol Agave ~ San Juan Capistrano

Over the weekend, my mom + I went to this AMAZING Mexican restaurant in San Juan Capistrano, Sol Agave!! We always talk about how if we were only able to have one type of food for the rest of our lives (breakfast, lunch, + dinner) we would choose Mexican …

Not only is Sol Agave’s food incredible, but their margaritas … unbelievable!! Of course I forgot to take a photo of my margarita but I promise you it didn’t disappoint!! The margarita I got was a Cilantro Cucumber Margarita with a chili salt rim + it was so refreshing.

Now onto the more important topic, THE FOOD. The photo on the left is their super tasty guac (+ yes, it was extra but definitely worth it) !! My mom + I split the meal on the right, Tacos de Hongo. This dish is consists of prime skirt steak over melted cheese with portobello mushrooms + grilled onions, handmade corn tortillas that are to die for, + a side of rice + beans!! We have also shared the Tacos del Mar (not pictured) which were delicious as well! Mahi mahi (you can choose to have the fish grilled or crispy), pico, aioli, lettuce cabbage, avocado, + white rice!!

I definitely recommend checking this place out!! I also hear they have a yummy Sunday brunch so that’s something I’ll need to investigate!!

IMG_7358.JPG     IMG_7360.JPG