My Passion

I wanted to share with y’all the thing that makes me, me. Horseback riding. I’ve been doing it since I was in first grade + have been attached ever since!! First things first, I want to give y’all a rundown of the lessons this competitive + life-consuming (in the best way) sport has given me.

  1. Hard work really does pay off.
  2. Winning isn’t always everything.
  3. The path to get somewhere is just as important as actually getting there.
  4. Patience, patience, patience!!
  5. I am the person I have become because of this sport.

Hard work really does pay off; this is just the universal truth (as hard as it may seem sometimes). Over the years, I have spent countless hours at the barn. Growing up, I was almost always there; after school, on the weekends, you name it! Now being in college, I don’t get to ride as much but I still get the chance to further my passion (thank god!!) This sport turned me into a very driven person. In life you’ll see people put in little effort to things just so it’s enough, but I am here to tell y’all that hard work does pay off, + it’s simply knowing that you’re doing the best that you can + walking away with a first place ribbon beats any work you’ll ever put into.

Now, while winning is something that feels incredibly rewarding, it is not everything. It feels good, anyone can admit that, but in life you probably won’t win at everything you do (and that’s okay). I’ve learned that not winning sometimes is often the more rewarding path because it teaches you what you can do to improve. It pushes you to work hard + to keep doing what you’re doing to make your way up to the top + be the best you can be.

This ties into the next lesson, the path to get somewhere is just as important as actually getting there. Motivation plays a huge role in almost anything you do. We are often guilty of wanting the end result without putting in the work to get there (makes sense right?!). It’s significantly harder to reach success when you cut around the corners, so please get working!!

Patience. I cannot stress it enough how crucial patience is in this sport; I mean you’re working with an oversized animal for crying out loud! Every day with your horse is a new day + that is something often times forgotten. Your horse needs to understand what you expect, + then they need to be agreeable to it. If you jump the gun + get aggressive or upset, they’ll react in the same way.

Finally, I am the person I am today because of this sport. Horseback riding has always kept me grounded + has brought into perspective the important things in my life.

I am beyond grateful to be given this opportunity to spend my days with my best pal, Caravaggio (pictured below). I’ve had Caravaggio for a little over two years now, + he is my world. There is something so special about the bond a rider has with their horse; it’s nearly indescribable (although I’ll try to explain the best I can)!! He can read me, both when we’re riding + when we’re not (I can read him too!!). He has such a warm heart + a loving personality; I don’t know what I would do without him!!


1.jpg     2.jpg

IMG_7309.JPG     IMG_7403.JPG

Being able to do what I love while also being away at college is nothing short of a blessing!! The barn is my home away from home. It is my sanctuary + ultimately where I think most clear. When I’m riding my mind feels so at ease, I can’t explain it. I simply cannot think of any one thing that could replace all that horseback riding has given me.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my old horse, Wodan (who I had before Caravaggio).






Thanks for reading a little bit about of my passion + what makes me, me!! Xoxo