Super Easy DIY Chocolate Dipped Strawberries + Other Fruits

Who doesn’t love chocolate dipped strawberries?! That’s what I thought … This is such a fun + easy dessert that won’t leave you feeling guilty!! I had so much fun making these with my parents, brother, + sister-in-law; it’s the perfect activity to do with loved ones!

What you’ll need:

  • Chocolate
  • Fresh Fruit
    • Washed + dried very well (this is SUPER important)
    • I did strawberries + some orange slices but ANY fruit of your choice would work!!
  • A Sheet Pan
  • Parchment Paper (waxed paper would also work)
  • 2 Microwave Safe Bowls (one for each type of chocolate)

First things first, you’ll want to wash your fruit! It is super important that y’all dry your fruit really well (if the fruit isn’t dry the chocolate will have a hard time sticking!!)

Next, you’ll take one of your microwave safe bowls + put one of the Ghirardelli Melting Wafers (10 oz) pouches into the bowl (I used half of the pouch, it just depends on how much fruit you’re wanting to dip). You’ll microwave it in 30 second intervals; taking it out each time to stir (I just used a large spoon). I personally started to increase the time interval up to 45 seconds or even 1 minute but I was constantly always watching the chocolate to make sure it wasn’t burning!

*I would recommend heating up one of the pouches + dipping all the strawberries that you want with that type of chocolate before heating up the other type of chocolate (to avoid the chocolate from cooling)

Once your chocolate is melted to perfection, you’ll start simply dipping your fruit in! But, before y’all start dipping, line your sheet pan and lay down parchment or waxed paper (otherwise you’ll have dipped fruit but no where to put them!!) Whether you want to dip it half way or all the way, it’ll look + taste so yummy!! For the strawberries, I just grabbed them by their stem to dip, + for the orange slices I just held them from the tip top to dip!

What I did, as shown in the photo, was dip half the strawberries in dark chocolate + drizzled over white chocolate. I would have done the same with the white chocolate strawberries + drizzle over dark chocolate but my sweet tooth couldn’t wait any longer and I ate the rest of the melted dark chocolate (I couldn’t resist!!)

*I saved the drizzling for last + first completely dipped my fruit first + placed it onto the parchment paper!

One by one after dipping the fruit in the melting chocolate, you’ll place each one on the sheet pan!

Once y’all have finished putting all your fruit on the pan, place the sheet pan in the fridge for about 30 minutes. I have also read that some recipes call for the dipped strawberries to sit out at room temp for 30 minutes, but with mine I used the refrigerator + they turned out AMAZING!!


I hope y’all enjoy this lil recipe! Please comment with your experiences! Xoxo