Let’s Talk Plant Aesthetics

I feel like this summer has been all about plant decor + I am so about it!! All over Pinterest I’ve been looking at inspo + discovering different ways succulents + other plants are incorporated into room decor + it’s magical to say the least!!

I wanted to show y’all my take on this trend with pictures from my room!!



I’ve decorated the top of my wooden dresser with a beautiful tapestry from Urban Outfitters, Voluspa + Capri Blue Candles (my absolute FAVES!!), some crystals, faux animal head wall art, a boho chic ribbon + lace mobile, a wooden block sign, + of course some PLANTS!

Here’s the detailed info:

  • Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Laila Medallion Tapestry in Blue
    • PSA a lot of Urban Outfitter’s tapestries are on sale!!!
  • Voluspa Candles
    • Scents in the photo are:
      • Baltic Amber
      • Santiago Huckleberry
      • Bourbon Vanille
      • Bella Sucre
  • Capri Blue Volcano Candle – this candle is hands down the best candle I’ve ever had (the scent is AMAZING!!)
    • The white jar is sold out they also sell a blue jar + a pink jar (to match any color scheme!!)
  • For the wooden block sign I honestly can’t remember where I got it from so here’s some inspo + alternatives
  • WhitetailRoad Etsy Store
    • This ribbon + lace mobile isn’t available but check out their store for other cute decor!!
  • crystalsNcreations Etsy Store
    • This healing crystal set isn’t available, but this store has other similar options!!
  • WhiteFauxTaxidermy Etsy Store (both of these pieces aren’t available however this store has plenty of other very similar decor!!)
    • White Cow Skull with Gold Longhorn – The Savannah – Large White Resin Skull Animal Head
    • White + Gold Faux Deer Head Wall Art – The Mini Alfred
  • Last but not least, THE MAIN TOPIC OF THIS POST, the plants!!!
    • I couldn’t find the exact plants on Michaels website so I’ll give y’all some great alternatives
    • What is so great about these plant examples I’ve laid out for y’all is that they’re artificial so there’s no commitment to take care of the plant (even though the real thing is low maintenance!!)

And if ya want the real thing, there are so many places to get potted succulents, the options are endless!! (local garden centers, wholesale markets, you name it!!)


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